Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ridgelines 2.08

Deadfall  is gathered
then stacked near the road,
a circle of roundness grows
as the wood  rests, dryly braced 
waiting for the splitter's wedge.

We are gathering wood from the land ready for splitting, some for the house fire over winter, but also to fire the small kiln. Our land has mostly black wattle, peppermint and blue gum and we use it all in various ways - if not as fuel in the kiln then the ash from the house fires is slaked, sieved and dried as a glaze ingredient. In the new year it will be dolerite, fat sand, sandstone and ochre that we gather as slowly the materials are prepared for the autumn firing.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

ridgelines 1.08

arc of light
curving incandescent
filament to firmament

I'm back -  with the intention to try to keep this going as I work towards the next exhibition that I am involved with which is "Working Fire" at the Carnegie Gallery in Hobart, Tasmania in May 2009. The exhibition features my work as well as sculptures from fellow fireworkers Neil Hoffman and Michael Stephan. As part of the exhibition a process DVD is being made by Glen Dunn to be shown as an integral part of the exhibition.